QRF Products


What is a QRF?

 A QRF is a non-profit rehabilitation corporation that employs individuals with qualifying disabilities to provide products and services to public agencies. The Oregon Department of Administrative Services is responsible for qualifying each community rehabilitation program as a QRF.  

Product Information

Recycled Plastic

Recycled polyethylene is a material previously produced, used, then collected and reused in the process of manufacturing. It's commonly used for trash bags, and non-food related products.

Pet Waste Products

We offer a full line of products for pet waste systems, including biodegradable bags, dispensers, signs, and trash receptacles, and kits for a complete station. 

Virgin Plastic

Virgin polyethylene can be used for food & beverage applications and is FDA approved. Virgin resins offer clarity and optical properties not found in other resins. 

Biodegradable Plastic

We offer a variety of plastic bags that are biodegradable. The oxo-biodegradation process is started from exposure to heat, uv light, and mechanical stress. 

Specialty Plastics

We can get you what you need when it comes to specialty plastics. We have colored plastic bags, such as the yellow bags seen along Oregon's highways. We can also provide bio hazard bags, custom print and custom sizes.